Tiffany Andersen Classic Gavée Gold Facial

The creator of the Gavée Gold skincare line, Tiffany Andersen, offers facials exclusively at Renew Medical Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pamper your skin and renew your complexion with her signature Gavée Gold Classic Facial.

80 Minute Facial: $155
Add on LED & Microcurrent: $225

The Gavée Gold signature facial begins with reestablishing balance to the cells by infusing powerful rebalancing supplements that contain powerful therapeutic elements. The first step begins with our gentle Gold Citrus Cleanser which cleanses your skin with our “pure food” elements of purified liquid gold, homeopathic cell salts, omega 3 & 6 oil, medical grade ozone oil, and food grade essential oils and naturally helps eliminate toxins.

Citrus Mist Spray

The skin is then prepared for a Gold Citrus Mist infusion consisting of medical grade ozone oil and a powerful super fruit blend of Acai, Goji, Noni, and Mangosteen, which helps to further circulate pure oxygen through the pores, revitalizing lifeless cells. Natural citrus essential oil with high vibrational effects lift the spirit while the oil of gold stimulates the electromagnetic field in the body – a major component found throughout the meridian acupuncture points, helping to balance the heart chakra.

Citrus Mist Spray

Tiffany’s powerful 20% pineapple peel Golden Enzymes is then massaged deeply into the skin using Emotional Freedom Tapping techniques and lymphatic drainage pressure points to help reduce stress and induce relaxation through the release of melatonin. During the facial massage, bromelain extracts, alpha hydroxyl acid, and ozone oil, remove dead skin cells and impurities while naturally protecting the skin from unwanted bacteria. A hot towel helps to penetrate the enzymes deeper into the skin for a thorough exfoliation while you are relaxed with a decollete massage. Once removed extractions are gently performed to help clear the skin of unwanted blackheads and pustules.

Citrus Mist Spray

Once removed, a rich moisturizing hydrating gel, Heart of Gold Elixir is layered onto the skin. It is deeply infused with an occlusive method, drenching the skin with powerful antioxidants and rebalancing supplements to the deepest level of the epidermis. The occlusive mask stays in place with hot towels while a relaxing hand massage is performed.

Once removed, a gentle massage helps to drench the skin with a rich serum Liquid Gold Peptides and luxurious moisturize Royal Day & Night Cream containing algae peptides and mung bean stem cells naturally brightening, tighten and plump the skin helping to reduce uneven skin tones, wrinkles, and skin laxity.

Citrus Mist Spray

The Gavée Gold Deluxe Facial is then topped with a rich infusion of hyaluronic acid O2 Stem Cell infusion a blend of organically extracted liquid gold, homeopathic cell salts, and cutting edge plant based stem cells – all while being delivered through a pure oxygen concentrator to help restore cellular function to optimum levels. This beauty ritual is the ultimate experience in facial rejuvenation made popular by Tiffany Andersen.

Citrus Mist Spray

It leaves behind instant results as seen here in this before and after taken directly after the Gavée Gold Classic facial.

Before Gavée Gold Classic Facial

Before Gavée Gold Facial

After Gavée Gold Classic Facial

After Gavée Gold Facial